Shoe Care

Clean the dust

Use a clean cloth or brush very gently; this will prevent the leather from being scratched and leave the surface ready so that it can absorb all the products.


Apply our Moisturizing Cream with another cloth, according to the skin color of your product or neutral color. This moisturizer will hydrate and remove any surface scratches.

Extra hydration

Leather requires special care, so if you want to give it extra hydration or rejuvenate the skin, apply the Bamboo Lotion spray.


After moisturizing, it is essential to protect the skin from the product so that it lasts much longer; for this, apply our Waterproofing spray. This spray will prevent dust and water from reducing the material's useful life.


Finally, and to add a touch of beauty, apply the Bamboo Lotion spray and clean it with a damp cloth or brush; this will help polish the leather and give the skin a natural shine. For this step, we recommend doing it circularly to provide uniformity to the shoe.


Oily leather has marks in the folds generated over time and the use of the shoe. To nuance these marks, we recommend bringing a little fire with a lighter, and the leather will return to its neutral state.

Colombian artisans

Have inherited the passion and dedication to build each pair of shoes