Our Philosophy

Handmade accessories and shoes
We handcraft top-quality, comfortable, and extraordinarily durable shoes and accessories that adapt to the needs and tastes of our customers.

We create a unique style in the market, incorporating the best British techniques in our Colombian traditions.

Our History

Winston & Harry is a new and innovative concept that offers a luxury product at a fair price.

At Winston & Harry, we believe in the modern man who enjoys good style and etiquette and strives to bring excellence to all aspects of his life. Therefore, he always has an impeccable style, reflecting authenticity at all times through your dress.
Many Colombian artisans have worked with footwear for more than three decades. That is how, from generation to generation, they have inherited the passion and dedication to build each pair of shoes.

Our Founders

Our founders lived in England for a few years, and there they met Harry: the production manager of a British brand with more than 150 years of history. A long friendship was born that marked their lives and directed them toward the world of shoes.

Our Inception

With the help of Harry, our founders brought their experience to Colombia and started what Winston & Harry is today: a proudly Colombian company of handmade accessories and shoes for men.